Friday, 8 July 2011

New name, new blog

Now that the wedding is over and I am settling into a life of domestic bliss (i.e training new husband how to change a bed/wash dishes etc etc) I find myself somewhat bereft. I have nothing to organise, no felt lovehearts to stitch together, no napkins to cut up, no reason to trash my parents house. And worse, I have run out of things to write about here on Wedding in Wellies.

Which is a bit of a bummer, as I was quite enjoying having a place to offload/rant/garble on.

So. I thought sod it. I'll start a new blog. Obviously it won't be about wedding shennanigans. But to be honest, even without the comedy of a wedding, my life still seems to be full of moments that wouldn't appear out of place in a sitcom.

And I thought it might amuse me to jot them down. I hope it amuses you too.

Thanks for following me thus far...I hope you come along on the next leg of the journey with me.

Lots of love,
Mrs Shipley x