Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Thank You List

So after all the planning, preparation, worry, hiccups and threat of our wedding turning into a big cowmuck sale, it was an absolutely perfect day, filled with fun love and happiness. (And stupid dancing.)

But none of it would have been possible without the help and support of so many people. So I want to dedicate this post to thanking them all. The whole day made me realised how very lucky we are to have such wonderful friends and family. (and neighbours it turned out!)

So brace yourself - it's a very long list. I fear this may turn into a Gwyneth Paltrow style Oscar acceptance speech.

First and foremost, my wonderful husband Paul for a) turning up on the day (haha!) and b) for being so very patient with my relentless planning and list-making during the build up. But mostly I have to thank him for, as always, being completely on my wavelength and sharing my dream of a wedding that was very 'us'. (And p.s - it's only been a month but I love being your wife.)

Mom and Rob for the use of their home, allowing us to trash the garden and generally disrupting their lives for several months before and also for a good while after.

Mom was a legend throughout, never once complaining when endless boxes of wedding gubbins arrived at her house and she didn't bat an eyelid when I asked her to help me bake a zillion cupcakes. And even now, over a month on, I am still cluttering her house with left over wedding paraphernalia. Soz Mom!

Rob deserves a special solo mention for generally being ace - he grew plants especially, ordered bales of hay, sorted out a Rolls Royce and drove to manchester and back to collect a load of fairy lights. Bless him.

My Mother-in-Law, Pauline, for her hairdressing skills, her conscientious practice sessions with bags of rollers, her support, her lovely reading and all her help in the days before. She didn't stop - and she must have spent hours cleaning the windows of the marquee, amongst other things!

Pauline's partner Lloyd. Our technical assistant and roadie. He supplied the sound systems that allowed DJ Dr Feelbad to blast out very loud cheesy pop music. His electrician skills also ensured that we didn't overload sockets and blow up Mom's house. Phew.

Aunty Dy and Uncle Michael for supplying many strings of fairy lights and making a mad dash up to IKEA the day before for some uplighters. Also thanks to them both for putting up with the 'dead animal' even though they are veggies.
Auntie Dy gets a solo mention for her brilliant reading in church, and for instigating the rousing rendition of the missing hymn back at the marquee.

Best Girls Jenny, Emma and Claire for all their love and support, not only during the wedding but for all the years I have known them. Claire came shopping with me to help me choose my dress. Jen secretly filmed the entire day and made a wonderful video for us to keep. And Emma made the bunting and took the most amazing photos - far better than any professional in my opinion. And of course they all gave me not just a hen do, but a hen extravaganza. I am truly blessed to have such fantastic mates.

Emma's partner Jonathan, and Sandra and Richard for helping the Best Girls put up the aforementioned bunting on the friday night, the moment they arrived in Muckley.

Best Men John and Chris for general best men-ness and a very emotional speech.

Josh for being a fantastic usher, for making everyone feel so very welcome and for his amazing rendition of 500 Miles.

My sister Helen and her fiance Paul for helping set up the marquee in the days before and for clearing up in the days after (while I just waltzed off to my wedding night and then my honeymoon).

Ross Pannell for his assistant chauffeuring of the Best Girls.

Ross 'Dr Feelbad' Teperek for being a brilliant (and patient) DJ.

Bernard over the road for his lending of his 'car park'.
The Kennedy Family for allowing us to use their church, providing some lovely lighting and crafting the amazing wedding gift that Mom and Rob gave us.
Bridget for ringing bells and fetching tippex.
All the other neighbours for getting the party going.

Rob's mate George for closing down his garden centre for most of the day so that he could chauffeur me about in his Rolls Royce.

Reverend Deakin for stepping in after our original vicar became ill. (even though his nerves got the better of him!)

And absolutely every single one of our guests for t heir kindness, generosity, love and support.

Also, a big thank you to all the suppliers:

Shropshire Marquees and The Whole Hog. A fantastic venue and delicious food. Doug was a legend.

Tipples Mobile Bar . Brilliant blokes, excellent service and a very pub-like bar!

Vintage teacups from Tea and Roses

Flowers by Ebenezers

And finally, thank you to everyone who read my blog and followed by journey. I hope I inspired you or at least provided a bit of a giggle.

All that remains is for me to think of a way to somehow string this blog out...I've loved having somewhere to witter and ramble and offload. I will miss it! But hey, who says this is the end? After all, I've just got married and a new chapter in my life has started.

So maybe this isn't the end. Maybe it's just the beginning...

Watch this space!
Lots of love, the new Mrs Shipley x


  1. a list of truely fab people!
    It was a great wedding journey....am honoured to have been a part of it!!!
    BG Em xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I have absolutely LOVED your blog, hope you keep on blogging as a Mrs! Congratulations and wishing you many many MANY happy and fun filled years ahead of you :)

    Ellie x

    p.s. HOW long do thank you letters take?! I'm still going (which I feel awful about!) and I fear my hand will never be the same again lol