Friday, 10 June 2011

The Wednesday before the Big Day

We are back from honeymoon! And what an amazing time we've had - apologies for the neglect of the blog (I think I had a good excuse though eh?) but now that I am back, I will write up all the details of our wonderful wedding day. It really was so special – and it turns out there is quite a lot to write. So I'll do it in chapters so I don't bore you all to tear with one jumbo post.

So. Let's start at the beginning...

Leaving work on Tuesday to begin the build up to our wedding, was the best feeling ever. I was so excited and in my head, I had a imagined a relaxing three whole days to gently prepare and unwind, add touches to the marquee, quaff champagne, take a whole day to paint my nails, maybe every now and then taking a calming walk in the fields, hand in hand with my future husband, or perhaps sit at a writing desk, in the manner of a Jane Austen character, to make diary notes, sighing with contentment, as my suppliers made the final preparations and generally enjoy being a calm sophisticated lady.

I don’t know what I was thinking.

The reality was a frantic, hyperventilating, dishevelled, swearing, weepy, harridon, marching around Muckley with a Big Book Of Lists, desperately hoping I could tick something, anything, off. And my poor husband to be wasn’t much better. Or my parents. In fact, it was chaos.

The marquee was erected in the garden on the Wednesday, which was lucky, because we could see what was needed to decorate it. And also somehow it took a lot longer than we’d ever guessed to stick up the fairy lights, assemble the PA system, arrange tables, make a mad dash to B&Q for some softer lighting cos the main lights were like something from a football pitch and wrestle with 20 paper lanterns and a set of stepladders.

What was a huge relief was discovering much space we had. For months I’d been sweating about fitting everyone in, hoping it wouldn’t end up like a District Line carriage at rush hour. But there was bags of room for dancing and dining. (And, it turned out, high kicks, forward rolls, press ups and a Pan’s People style dance routine involving all the hens. But that’s another story)

Thank the lord there's room for both the pig and lots of dancing!


  1. Thank god! Sorry for the dramatics lol but have been addicted to your blog since I found it (via YAYW I'm sparkleypixie on there) and was beginning to worry that you weren't going to post any more! Wish I had done something similar so I could remember all the ups and downs and the hilarious bits in-between! Mind you it wouldn't have been half as well written.

    More please! Ellie

  2. oh bless you Ellie! what a lovely comment! worry not, the jet lag has been dealt with and I'll be gradually posting the details in the nest few days!
    So watch this space! Lx

  3. Lou, huge congratulations and thank you so so so much for the email with the link. I've been missing your blog as well!

    Now - about this blog post: your honesty and detailed account is absolutely brilliant. The cliffhanger at the end.... no!!! You can't leave it there... I won't sleep!

    As Ellie says, more please!